Wine Clique

Wine Clique is a Sales & Distribution company based in Singapore. We sourced our wines directly from the chateaux and domaines and the philosophy behind our sourcing is to deliver both quality and value to our clients. These selections reflect the style of the country, the region, the grape varietal and most importantly, the winemakers behind it. We believe that our people are our assets. We implement various tastings and training programs for our team to equip them with updated knowledge and information to allow them to better share their experiences and expertise with our clients, so as to maintain the highest standards of our service.

We believe in working closely with our winery partners and having constant communication and feedback to achieve both long and short-term goals. We value and strive to keep our suppliers and customers’ relationships for continuity and promotion of the brands. We execute unique and innovative marketing ideas to achieve various goals and milestones that we set for ourselves along the way.

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