Official Flour – Stagioni

Le 5 Stagioni unique and innovative range of flours and semi-finished pizza is divided into more than 20 types of products, all of the highest quality from Italy. In a short span of time, we have become the leader for Nepolitan flour that is appreciated throughout the world. Le 5 Stagioni is a brand that never stops evolving thanks to the ongoing research of Agugiaro & Figna group to achieve greater excellence in the food industry. With more than 20 references of products, Le 5 Stagioni is a brand that guarantees the best results in any type of kitchen which produce quality standard withing its premises. Le 5 Stagioni is not limited to manufacturing premium products but has the objective of transmitting knowledge and know-how by sending their highly-skilled pizza masters all over the world to demonstrate and train their customers in the artistry of pizza making.

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