Masterchef Igles Corelli*

Igles Corelli

Since 2010 Igles Corelli has been the chef-proprietor of Atman restaurant in Lamporecchio, Tuscany. Here he offers his own personal cuisine, often described as “Garibaldina Cuisine” because it showcases the food excellence of all Italy. His on going research and passion for service continue to receive important awards, such as the first Michelin star for Atman restaurant in 2012.

Igles attains national and international recognition through the eighties and nineties, as head chef of the now legendary Trigabolo restaurant in Argenta, northeast Italy. During the fourteen years at the helm of the kitchen brigade, which produced many successful chefs, Igles receives numerous awards, culminating with the two Michelin stars in 1987. Just before its closure in 1994, the Trigabolo was ranked among the top restaurants in Italy, and it contributed to the advancement of Italian cuisine serving dishes now considered be part of the history of modern Italian cuisine.

In 1996 Igles opens his first own restaurant, Locanda della Tamerice, nestled in the wetland nature reserve of Ostellato, northeast Italy. Over the following fourteen years Igles consolidates its position as a Maestro of Italian cuisine and receives a Michelin star for its work at the Locanda della Tamerice.

Igles has always believed in promoting the food excellence of Italy, in conjunction with a continue research and contamination with other cultures and their products. His creative cuisine is full of reminiscences of the Italian culinary traditions but it never stops to surprise, provoke and evolve.

Teaching has always been one of the activities that excite him. His generosity and accessibility, combined with his ability to simply explain even the most difficult recipes, have made him popular to the public, and allowed him to be one of the most recognisable chefs on national television programs including recently “The taste of Igles” on Gambero Rosso Channel.

Igles has always been involved with Gambero Rosso cookery school, and he is the education coordinator at the cookery school Les Chefs Blancs in Rome.

Igles is the author of several cookbooks and in his latest “Igles 3” he collects thoughts and recipes of his last thirty-five years cooking journey.

Restaurant: The Waterfall, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
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The Cuisine of Masterchef Igles Corelli*
The Cuisine of Masterchef Igles Corelli* with wines of Maculan