Masterchef Emanuele Mazzella*

emamuele chef

Chef Emanuele Mazzella was born in Ischia on the fabulous Amalfi coast. His passion for the cuisine started when he was a child, at first he was fascinated by the perfumes of his father’s vegetable garden, then fell in love with the cuisine in the kitchen with his mother. Very young he started to work and in the following years thanks to the help of important Chefs he made outstanding experiences which have brought him to know and then to make know his idea of “cuisine” and of quality. Today he is a Chef who appreciates his territory’s raw materials and, depending on the seasons and respecting them, he looks for the most excellent products with the aim to raise the quality and the taste.

Event Information:
The Cuisine of Masterchef Emanuele Mazzella*
The Cuisine of Masterchef Emanuele Mazzella* with the wines of Renato Ratti