inItaly Ristorante and bar

Offering outstanding value coupled with ‘fine-quality’ Italian cuisine, inITALY is an expression of Chef Mario Caramella’s own personality and culinary tastes. The restaurant’s concise menu is a showcase of the classic ‘cucina Italiana’ or ‘Italian kitchen’ – homemade breads and pasta, regional cheese such as Grana Logdigiano, Stracciatella, Fontina and Taleggio, as well as premium antipasti topped off with fresh herbs harvested from Chef Mario’s own potted herb plants.

Taking the cue from Chef Mario’s warm charisma and welcoming nature, inITALY combines an ambience of comfort and style designed by Chef Mario himself to inspire good times with great friends. A trio of communal tables placed at the heart of the restaurant, for example, beckons as an area to gather, mingle and share in the convivial spirit that defines great Italian dining.

Mario Caramella
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