Chef Lino Sauro

Lino Sauro
Today, despite being a well-known Chef in Singapore and Italy, he still proudly calls himself a ‘traditional village boy’. Born into a traditional Italian family, in a tiny mountain village of South Italy, Chef Lino Sauro is the proud son of a farmer. With his roots, it is no wonder that Chef Lino promotes fresh and unprocessed food. This philosophy is reflected in his cuisines where he uses only the finest and sustainable ingredients and some of the best seasonal ingredients from Italy. Chef Lino decided to go all the way back to his heritage and bring Sicily to Singapore in its purest form – by opening his own restaurant, Gattopardo di Mare. Located at Tras Street, Gattopardo attracts an upmarket and trendy crowd, and offers a mouth–watering, seasonal variety of seafood flown in fresh from all over the world.


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