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The Lavazza story is the story of a family and its business. It is a typical Italian story, but the sometime a unique one, because it stems from the vision of Luigi Lavazza: a pioneer who believed in constant improvement and innovation. Luigi Lavazza’s vision, 120 years ago, knew no boundaries. Established in 1895 in Turin, the Italian roaster has been owned by the Lavazza family for four generations.

Positioned in sixth place, in the world ranking of roasters, the Group currently operates in more than 90 countries through subsidiaries and distributors, exporting about 55% of its production. Lavazza employs a total of 3,000 people with a turnover of more than €1.4 billion (2015 estimate). Lavazza invented the concept of blending — or in other words the art of combining different types of coffee from different geographical areas — something that continues to be a distinctive feature of most products today.

The company also has 25 years of experience in the production and sale of portioned coffee systems and products. It was the first Italian business to offer capsule espresso systems. Lavazza operates in all business segments: at home, away-from-home and office coffee service, always with a focus on innovation in consumption technologies and systems. Lavazza has been able to develop its brand awareness through important partnerships perfectly in tune with its brand internationalisation strategy, such as those in the world of sport with the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and those in fields of art and culture with prestigious museums like New York’s Guggenheim Museum and Venice’s Musei Civici Veneziani.

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